Linda Briskin Fine Art Photography
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An Hour from the City: An Exhibit of Photographs” at the Art Gallery, Joan & Martin Goldfarb Centre for Fine Arts (York University). Curated by Jennifer Rudder and Sponsored by the Department of Film and Video, Faculty of Fine Arts. April 2007 

"An hour from the city I stop thinking. The touch of green, the smell of movement, the texture of bark. The taste of growing. Water sings under ice, oak leaves rustle. Light echoes shadow. Mist humming stillness, breathing life.”
From Artist Statement

"In the tradition of the Victorian naturalists, Linda Briskin heads out to nature at any opportunity. Her camera is her notebook, with which she records the patterns and rhythms that she observes. Her keen eye seeks out evidence of beauty, colour and texture. From the orchestral sweep of the ocean to the slender shadow of a crooked reed in the snow, Briskin inhales it all. The images here are her exhalation.”

Jennifer Rudder, Curator, Gallery Stratford
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